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  • Dr. Patti Swaintek-Lamb

    Dr. Patti Swaintek-Lamb has over 25 years of dental experience, with her own practice Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville, in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Dr. Swaintek-Lamb is a leading specialist in cosmetic dentistry and sleep apnea. Patients in the New Jersey area prefer Dr. Swaintek-Lamb for her comprehensive dental care services that put patient care and satisfaction above all else.

    She studied at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), acquiring specialties in neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry. She stays up-to-date on the latest in dental technology and practices, providing cutting-edge solutions at her practice in Bernardsville.

    With a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Villanova University, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb went on to earn her Doctorate of Medical Dentistry in 1992 at the renowned Temple University School of Dentistry. She then completed a General Practice Residency at Heart Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

    Dr. Swaintek-Lamb has completed over 50 hours of continuing education with The Scope Institute for Sleep Apnea and Appliance Therapy. She is beginning a Sleep Mini Residency with the University of Tennessee this year.

    In addition to years of formal education and training, Dr. Patti Swaintek-Lamb is also a proud member of the following top industry accreditations:

    • American Dental Association (ADA)
    • Association of General Dentist (AGD)
    • New Jersey Dental Association (NJDA)
    • American Association of Gnathologic Orthopedics (AAGO)
    • North American Association of Facial Orthotropics (NAAFO)
    • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)
    • International Association of Facial Growth Guidance (IAFGG)
    • Donated Dental Services (DDS)
    • Bernardsville Chamber of Commerce

    Dr. Swaintek-Lamb isn’t like ordinary dentists — she uses her knowledge gained from her education and experience to work to ensure that her patients have both dental and whole-body health. She welcomes all patients in and around Somerset County.

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