60 Minutes for a Whiter Smile

Having a smile full of dazzling white teeth will not only turn heads but will do wonders for your self-confidence and, ultimately, your quality of life. It’s an affordable, safe way to dramatically improve your smile in just one dental appointment. Therefore, it’s no surprise that tooth whitening has become the number one most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in our office and in dentists’ offices all over the country. 

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. OTC Teeth Whitening

Drugstores across the country are packed with various DIY teeth whitening products. It seems like an easy way to change your smile, but the truth is these OTC products often take weeks before you see even a small change in your smile! Also, patients frequently use these products incorrectly, which can lead to gum and teeth sensitivity. 

When you make an appointment with Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville, however, Dr.  Patti Swaintek-Lamb will personally customize your treatment to match your smile goals to ensure that you get the precise whitening you desire! The results are quick and reliable - often an hour or less in our office and your smile will be dazzling! 

Improve Your Life With a Whiter Smile

A whiter smile can make your self-confidence soar. Having a whiter, brighter smile means you will show it off more. This safe, simple, affordable procedure can improve your smile—and your life! We offer in-office treatments as well as take-home kits you can use at your own discretion.

Most people who come into our practice are great candidates for tooth whitening. Before performing any cosmetic dentistry procedure, our dentist will explain to you what the procedure entails and why you are (or are not) a good candidate.

When you’re ready to make the decision to change your smile, trust your teeth to the best cosmetic dentist in the area Dr. Patti studied at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and has stayed on the leading edge of dentistry by providing the highest quality of cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry.

Are you ready to learn more about professional teeth whitening from Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville? Book a consultation today by calling us at 908-221-1188 or click the “request appointment” button to get started! 

Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville

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