Be More Confident with Dental Cleanings & Cosmetic Dentistry

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Your hygienist and your dentist are your key partners when it comes to making sure you have a healthy mouth. It's important that you make the time (at least every 6 months) to come to our Bernardsville office for a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam.

What Can You Expect During Your Appointment?

Of course, one of the best parts of coming in for a dental cleaning appointment, is that feeling of a clean mouth with smooth teeth. That's because our talented hygienest will spend time scraping away the tartar that has built up. She will also polish your teeth to make sure they are sparkling.

Besides the scraping and polishing, we will spend time examining your whole mouth to catch any developing issues with your teeth and gums, and take care of them before they become problematic or costly.

Besides taking a close look at your teeth and gums, Dr. Patti Swaintek-Lamb will also check your bite and look for signs of loose teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. This is a good opportunity for you to bring up your own concerns about your smile. 

How Can My Dentist Give Me More Confidence?

"When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you." A recent paper (published by Psychological Bulletin) indicates that smiling really can make people feel happier. Unfortunately, there are many people who don't like the way their teeth look and feel uncomfortable smiling.

During your appiontment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with Dr. Patti Swaintek-Lamb. Clean and healthy teeth are a great start to boosting your confidence, but concerns about chipped teeth, misaligned teeth, staining, missing teeth can affect the quality of your life in many ways.

Once we identify your concerns, we can address them with a customized cosmetic dental plan that works for your budget and your comfort level. These may include:

I'm Ready To Spring Clean My Smile. Now What?

If you are overdue for a cleaning, or you are self-conscious about your smile, we are here for you! Just contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville online or call (908) 221-1188 today. Dr. Patti Swaintek-Lamb and her skilled dental team can answer your questions and revamp your smile in just a few visits. Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville serves patients from Bernardsville, Morristown, Basking Ridge, Mendham, Chester, Far Hills and nearby areas in New Jersey.

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