Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign® is the most popular choice for straightening adult teeth, and good reason. There are so many benefits to choosing Invisalign® if you want straight teeth in New Jersey. In addition to the oral health benefits you’ll experience once the process is complete, it is the beautiful, convenient way to the straight smile and properly aligned bite that you have always wanted.

Dental Hygiene

Even if you don’t mind the look of traditional braces, you may not want to deal with the challenge they present when it is time to brush and floss. Food gets stuck in the brackets and wires, and if you are not as successful as you think you are in getting them clean, plaque can build up, eventually leading to tooth decay.

With Invisalign® you simply remove the aligners and brush and floss your teeth just like you normally would.

Truly Straight Teeth

Some patients prefer using porcelain veneers to correct the appearance of crookedness. This is often referred to as “instant orthodontics”. It is a great alternative if you do not want to invest the time it takes to go through the straightening process, but with Invisalign® you get truly straight teeth without the need for restorations.

Eating Whatever You Want

Traditional braces come with a long list of forbidden foods. Some can cause tooth decay, others can damages the braces themselves. This includes anything hard, sticky, or chewy such as popcorn, taffy, nuts, corn chips, soda, and even apples.

There are no dietary restrictions with Invisalign® because you take the aligners out to eat and to brush your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about food sticking to or damaging them.

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