General vs. Cosmetic Dentistry

Choosing a dentist can be a daunting task, often hinging on whether or not you feel comfortable with her personality. Even after you have chosen your dentist, you may have many options available to you, like whether to use traditional dental treatments or cosmetic dentistry treatments. We want to help simplify your decision-making process by clarifying what general dentistry really entails.

Contrary to some incorrect perceptions, general dentistry does not automatically entail metal fillings and crowns and old-fashioned treatments. General dentistry is simply dentistry which focuses on maintaining tooth health. It may do so by using cosmetic dentistry techniques and materials. While some general dentists may use outdated materials or traditional techniques, this does not mean that you cannot receive general dentistry care from a cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry simply addresses your tooth health with natural-looking materials and the advanced dental technology to use those materials. Each of our dentists provides general dentistry treatment for our patients, including as dental cleanings, filling cavities, and replacing lost teeth. They simply do so in a way that maintains the integrity and natural beauty of your smile.

To learn more about the general and cosmetic dentistry options available to you through our Bernardsville, New Jersey cosmetic dentists, please contact our office today, welcoming patients from Bernardsville, Morristown, and the surrounding areas.

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