Introducing … Serena Kelleher, Patient Care Coordinator

So many factors make Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville the best dental practice in New Jersey. First and foremost is our patients; helping you reach your dental goals and giving you the smile of your dreams is what we live for. The second factor is our amazing team. This month, we highlight one of our favorite team members, Serena Kelleher.

If you’ve had questions about insurance coverage, scheduling, or financing, you’ve probably already spoken with Patient Care Coordinator, Serena. Serena joined the dental industry in 1992 when she took a job assisting her brother, who had just opened his own dental practice. One day while filling in for her brother’s front desk coordinator, she realized that she enjoyed the challenges and rewards that came with helping patients coordinate the details of their dental care. What was supposed to be a part-time job has evolved into a genuine career that Serena is passionate about.

What Serena loves most about her job is getting to know the patients. “No one wants to go into any type of office and not be greeted warmly or with a smile,” she said. “Whether you enjoy going to the dentist or not, I like to be a friendly and positive part of your visit.” Something that few people know about Serena is that, until she met her husband in 2001, she wanted to be a nun. What was a loss for the convent became our gain, because we can’t imagine our practice without her friendly smile and cheerful disposition.

When Serena is not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and eight-year-old daughter. When they’re not busy with the activities of a very busy child (who enjoys acting, singing, basketball, and crafts), Serena and her husband enjoy a dinner and movie date night. Serena’s husband is her “favorite comedian,” as he has a special way of getting her to laugh at herself like nobody else can.

Never one to miss an opportunity to help a patient, Serena offers the following advice: “I want patients to know that we are here for them in all aspects of their dental health. We have to sit in the dental chair ourselves, now and again, and we know it can be intimidating. Never be afraid to ask us questions or let us know how we can help your appointment be more comfortable.”

If you live in Bernardsville, New Jersey or the surrounding areas, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Experience, firsthand, the top-notch care that Serena and our other team members provide to each and every patient.

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