No Matter How Tired You Are, Keep Flossing!

Once you’ve worked a full day, transported kids to and/or from practice, had dinner with your family, helped with homework, and prepared for the next day, you’re exhausted. When you’re that tired, it’s easy to skip out on one of your evening health practices. Often, the step my patients chose to skip is flossing, and while skipping a single night of flossing won’t do much harm, when you habitually skip it, you’re asking for trouble. Here’s why you should keep flossing no matter how tired you might be:

  1. Flossing is the only thing that can truly clean between your teeth. Sure, you can use a fingernail to pry out a popcorn kernel, but there is nothing like floss when it comes to removing plaque, bacteria, and microscopic food particles that hang out between your teeth. Toothpicks and water flossers are great when there are no other options, but floss is the gold standard.
  2. Flossing prevents gum disease. Actually, flossing prevents an entire domino effect of problems. First, flossing reduces your chances of gum disease, which then reduces your chances of tooth loss, which in turn reduces your chances of having your teeth, bite, and jaw affected by toothlessness.
  3. Flossing promotes overall health. Because gum disease is closely linked with heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, those who floss enjoy greater health. While flossing itself can’t guarantee good health, it certainly won’t cause poor health. Err on the side of caution and floss your teeth daily.

Look, I feel your pain. At the end of each day, I’m wiped out. Still, the benefits of sticking to my evening dental health routine outweigh the extra 60 seconds of sleeping I might get. Whether you’re a flossing devotee or not, I’d love to help you have the smile you deserve. Contact my office to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and examination so we can be sure that your teeth are in tip-top condition.

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