Options for Financing Your Cosmetic Dental Work

One of the concerns that keep many people from going to their dentist for cosmetic work is what they perceive the cost of cosmetic dentistry to be. With a limited amount of money to spend, it’s natural to wonder whether improving your smile is the best use of your finances. However, you may be laboring under some preconceptions about dental work that aren’t necessarily accurate.

First, the cost of your cosmetic dental work should not break the bank, and at Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville, we offer both reasonable prices and a variety of financing options for our patients. This includes all major credit cards and CareCredit, a way to pay your dental work in smaller installments, which can allow you to get no-interest financing.

Second, the term “cosmetic dentistry” might suggest that the corrections you get at a cosmetic dentist office are only surface level. But the truth is, cosmetic dentistry can greatly improve your overall dental health. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and less likely to decay, and bonding or capping damaged teeth can strengthen your bite and improve the integrity of the connecting jawbone. And that’s not even mentioning the self-confidence that comes with having a bright white smile.

With the benefits and flexible financing options available, you should never have to compromise on taking care of your teeth. Contact Aesthtetic Dentistry of Bernardsville by calling (908) 221-1188 to set up an appointment today. We serve patients in Morristown and throughout the state of New Jersey.

Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville

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