Practice Updates Regarding COVID-19

Temporary Changes to Our Schedule

At this time, we will be in the office to treat patients with dental emergencies. A member of our team, however, will be available by phone and email to answer all of our patient's questions. We are also able to schedule a virtual consult with patients. Please give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment. 

Emergency Treatment

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call us and we will schedule an individual appointment with you to come in for treatment. If you are not sure if it's an emergency, be sure to give us a call anyway and we will offer you 100% of our support to get you feeling great! 

We Are Strong When We Work Together

Right now, one of the best ways that we as healthcare professionals can help to slow the spread of coronavirus is to follow the guidance of these health organizations, and we encourage our patients to do the same. We will be sure to update you about additional changes at our practice.

We love all our patients! We are excited to see you back in the office soon!

Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville

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Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville

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