Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

At Proud to Smile Dentistry, we do everything we can to help our patients achieve long-lasting oral health. During routine hygiene examinations, we do more than just clean your teeth. We also inspect your mouth for signs of dental decay and other harmful conditions as well. One condition we look for is mouth and oral cancer. November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, which helps promote awareness about this form of cancer. Mouth cancer is a type of head and neck cancer that can develop anywhere in the mouth or oral cavity. It can be found on areas such as the lips, tongue, cheeks, and gums. Although mouth and throat cancer are not the leading forms of cancer in the US, it is still important to learn more about what can cause them.

Don’t Forget This Important Fall Activity

It’s hard to believe that October is here already! We don’t know about you, but it feels like we were just enjoying the lazy days of summer. Now, many of you are out and about, busy with fall activities. We know that life can be hectic, but if you or a loved one has been putting off or delaying a dental treatment, there is no time like the present to schedule the appointment. Delaying a recommended treatment can lead to a dental emergency, the need for additional treatments, and added expenses. Continue reading to learn more.

Come And Celebrate Our Exciting News!

Dr. Swaintek-Lamb is thrilled to announce that the name of her dental practice is changing to Proud to Smile! She wants to ensure all of her patients that she will still be offering the same treatments with the same level of service you are accustomed to. To celebrate the name change she is going to be hosting a party to celebrate with her patients, friends, family, and local businesses. This party is open to all!