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Neuromuscular dentistry deals with the proper alignment of your jawbone in relation to your teeth and facial muscles. While traditional dentistry mainly evaluates your teeth, bones, and gums, neuromuscular dentistry works with the muscles, nerves, hard tissues, and soft tissues. By analyzing how each of these works with the others, a neuromuscular dentist can place your jaw into its ideal position.

If your jaw is misaligned, both the hard and soft tissues are strained, resulting in a number of problems such as:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Clicking or popping sounds in your jaw joint

With many cases, these symptoms are the result of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), an imbalance in your jaw-to-skull relationship that is caused by a bad bite.


TMD is a chronic, degenerative disease that can take years to surface. This condition affects millions of people across the United States. Fortunately, neuromuscular dentistry can help.

A bad bite (malocclusion) is fairly easy to correct. Using advanced technology to determine the position of your bad bite and finding the position for your ideal, relaxed bite, Dr. Patti Swaintek-Lamb can restore the harmony between your jaw, muscles, and nerves.

Neuromuscular Treatment

Treatment options for malocclusion include:

  • Dental orthotics (bite guards)
  • Orthodontics and Invisalign®
  • Full mouth restoration
  • The LVI Difference

Dr. Patti Swaintek-Lamb has been trained at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). This institute is the premier training center for neuromuscular dentists. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville, our cosmetic dentist has the knowledge and training necessary to effectively realign your bite and alleviate pain.

Patients of neuromuscular dentistry experience a variety of benefits, ranging from reduced or eliminated pain to enhanced health and longer-lasting dental restorations.

For more information, please see Questions about Neuromuscular Dentistry.

If you are suffering from symptoms of a misaligned bite and you live in the Morristown, New Jersey area, please contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville online or call (908) 221-1188 today. Our highly trained neuromuscular dentist can help alleviate your pain and correct your misaligned bite. Our office serves patients in Morristown and surrounding areas of New Jersey.

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