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When it comes to restoring a tooth to its former glory, a dental crown is usually the solution. Teeth that have been weakened by cavities and other damage are in need of protection. Restore the health and appearance of your smile with a dental crown. Patti Swaintek-Lamb, DMD, at Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville in Bernardsville, New Jersey, can help to get your smile back on track. Call or request an appointment online to get the perfect crown for your smile.

Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a form of dental restoration that covers a tooth that is misshapen or has been compromised by a cavity or discoloration. When a tooth is weakened by a significant cavity or damaged parts of the tooth, a crown can be used to stabilize and restore its shape, size, and functionality.

What are dental crowns used for?

A dental crown can serve several purposes to protect and restore a tooth. Crowns are often used to:

  • Repair a broken or damaged tooth
  • Cover and support a tooth
  • Protect a tooth from further breakage
  • Attach a bridge to stabilize and protect surrounding teeth
  • Fix cosmetic issues such as size, shape, or coloration of a tooth

Ill-fitting crowns can cause pain and discomfort for essential tasks like biting and chewing. It’s important for an experienced and specialized care provider like Dr. Swaintek-Lamb to customize and fit the crown to your tooth for lasting results. Using the latest in advanced technology and dental practices, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb can restore your teeth’s full functionality.

What are the advantages of a dental crown?

There are multiple advantages of getting a dental crown for damaged or discolored teeth over other alternatives. Dr. Swaintek-Lamb recommends dental crowns due to the advantages over metal caps or fillings because crowns:

  • Restore the look and feel of your natural tooth
  • Protect from future cavities and tooth decay
  • Are customized in shape and size to fit individual needs
  • Are colored to match your natural teeth
  • Support and protect surrounding teeth
  • Conceal broken or chipped teeth

In addition to crowns, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb also provides full mouth rehabilitation for extensive oral concerns. A full mouth rehabilitation is used to fully restore the entire mouth to optimal health, including your gums.

Full mouth rehab works to restore gum health, fix minor and major tooth decay, and provide numerous combinations of procedures needed to cosmetically enhance the appearance of your smile.

While this typically takes up to four appointments, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb can do a full mouth rehab in one appointment. This is the fastest way to a fully rehabilitated smile.

If you’re ready to have an altogether healthier, beautiful smile, a full mouth rehabilitation is the best option. Call or book an appointment online at Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville.