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Questions about Dentures

Questions about Dentures

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What are my options for tooth replacement with dentures?

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville, we offer several options for tooth replacement with dentures. For patients who are missing one or more teeth but still have some strong, natural teeth, partial dentures will provide the best solution. If you are missing all of your teeth, full dentures are the best alternative.

Will dentures impact the appearance of my smile?

Dentures will make your smile look natural and appealing. By replacing missing teeth, your smile will be restored to its most beautiful and functional state. The modern dentures used in our office are customized for your mouth and will not alter the appearance of your facial features.

What impact will dentures have on tasks like speaking and chewing?

Missing teeth impact the function of your mouth, making tasks like speaking and chewing more difficult. Dentures will restore these abilities by filling in the spaces left by missing teeth with a strong, natural looking false tooth. Modern advancements in dentures have made them more comfortable and secure than ever before, allowing them to provide increased function with minimal risk of slippage.

Are dentures difficult to clean?

Dentures are cleaned in the same manner as your natural teeth. We recommend you brush your dentures after every meal, or at least twice a day to keep them bright and appealing for years to come. Dentures should be removed for cleaning and cleaned with a denture brush. Denture brushes are available at every drugstore in New Jersey and are specifically designed to effectively clean your dentures.

How long do dentures last?

When you are missing teeth, the shape of your jaw will continue to change. Options such as dental implants minimize this change, but dentures cannot. Your dentures may need to be refitted, adjusted, or replaced every five to ten years. We will work closely with you to ensure optimal fit and comfort from your initial placement forward.

If you have questions about dentures, please contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville by phone at (908) 221-1188 or through our website for more information. Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville serves patients from Bernardsville, Morristown, Basking Ridge, Mendham, Chester, Far Hills, and surrounding areas in New Jersey.