Tooth Replacement Facts

Have you or a loved one recently experienced tooth loss and are deciding which tooth replacement option is best for your needs? No matter the reason for the tooth loss, it can be overwhelming to make your final tooth replacement choice. While I do what I can to offer my recommendation and answer any questions you have, the final choice is yours to make. I want to take a few moments to explain more about some of the tooth replacement options I provide to my patients. You may be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you because you’ve never experienced tooth loss, but situations can change, and you could wind up needing this information in the future. Read on to learn more.

What To Know About Dental Implants

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville, we believe in changing lives one smile at a time. One way we do this is through transformational dental treatments that restore the function of teeth and improve their appearance. Dealing with something like tooth loss can be traumatizing, especially if it occurred many years ago and the tooth has not been replaced. Our goal is to offer support and help our patients determine the tooth replacement option that is right for their needs. Our first recommendation is always dental implants. Our practice is unique in that we can complete each stage of treatment in our office, so there is no need to visit other offices or specialists.