Avant-Garde Technology

Diode Laser

Interested in gum treatment without the need for anesthesia? Then the diode laser is right up your alley. It works best on soft tissue, such as your gums, and can cut precisely with very little damage to the tissue.


Dentistry involves far more than teeth; it also considers the health of your oral tissues. Velscope is a non-invasive, hand-held device that diagnoses the presence of precancerous cells, allowing you to seek treatment early when it is most likely to be effective.


Who wants to wait days or weeks for crowns when the CEREC restoration system allows us to produce and place dental crowns in a single visit? The CEREC system saves you time and allows you to enjoy natural-looking and fully functional results almost immediately.

K7 Evaluation System

Headaches, jaw pain, and earaches may be an indication that you have temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). The K7 Evaluation unit is a sophisticated system used to diagnose and treat the condition that is causing you so much pain by collecting data to help Dr. Swaintek-Lamb achieve the most accurate diagnosis possible, allowing you to experience pain-free living.


Our TENS (an acronym for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine gently stimulates your jaw and facial muscles, resulting in a relaxed jaw in its optimal resting position, where it is less likely to cause discomfort. From here, our dental team can create a dental orthotic (bite guard) to train your jaw to maintain this ideal position and help you have the bite that nature intended.

Itero Scanner

If you’re not a fan of the goopy impression materials that were once used for dental impressions, then you’ll love the iTero Intraoral Scanner. The iTero is a hand-held oral scanner that works quickly and accurately, saving you time and allowing us to provide precision orthodontics and restorations like never before.

LightScalpel CO2 Laser

The LightScalpel Laser allows us to perform advanced treatments with fewer side effects for you. Patients treated with the LightScalpel experience less pain, less swelling, less bleeding, and less infection risk that those treated with other lasers.

THOR Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT is the best way to encourage tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and minimize pain wherever the beam is applied. How does it benefit you? After treatment with our THOR LLLT system, you will heal more quickly and with less discomfort than you would without laser therapy.

Orthophos XG5 Digital X-Ray System

Our Orthropos system allows us to see precise images while minimizing the amount of radiation exposure associated with traditional x-rays. The machine easily

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